Fall Flowers

It may be Almost-December, but how about some photos from September? They got lost in the shuffle… I found them by chance today and it was a nice reminder. Things like this always feel a little serendipitous to me, so I figured I would spread that serendipity to you.

The Hortis Botanicus gardens & conservatory are just across the canal from my apartment.

Just thought some flower people might like to see some flowers! The hint of sunshine might warm ya up, too!


4 responses to “Fall Flowers

  1. Bill Guarino

    Thank-you Cae! Now that we are in daylight savings time, I get to work in the dark, spend all day inside and then by the time I get home it is dark! Your “gift of flowers” is perfect. Love, Uncle Bill

  2. Trish Guarino

    Loved the shots of the water lillies! All those pots full of succulents—like little jewels all spread out. On a gloomy day in November those photos are greatly aprreciated.
    Your post card arrived in today’s mail. Thanks for taking the time to send that out. Hope your remaining weeks are full of fun and new adventures–and of course shopping for your sisters.

  3. anne

    Were you tempted to take a little walk on those lily pads? Love those beehives…has Aunt Boo asked you to smuggle them into your suitcase?

  4. Uncle Rob

    So cool to be able to review your past epistles as well as your trip through the garden! I love this. I’m going to start one of these blog-things! Mine will be located at “notgoinganydamnwhere.wordpress.com”. I’ll start by posting pictures of Southfield Road (at dusk). I’m sure you’ll love it.
    I think this whole “find-yourself-abroad” thing has run it’s course! The turkey trot without you was like U2 without Bono, Donny without Marie, or Paul without profanity…just not right. Glad you’re having a wonderful experience, but looking forward to your return

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