Thanksgiving, Of Course

Patrick Crouch is the Program Manager at Earthworks Urban Farm. (If you don’t know Earthworks, or have never been, gogogogogo. today.) Each week he journals a quick update on the Farm and it’s my favorite email to open. His first sentence this week was this: “One of the best ways to gain an understanding of Detroit is to leave it.” (he happily returns)

You could say this applies to a lot of stuff, I suppose. Of course places look more whole when you’re outside them. But I think it happens more selectively, depending on who you are and what (or who) you’re looking at – and what it is you’re looking to see. It can be so fruitful and exciting to stand at this spot and look over there, at that spot, and feel whatever it is that distance created for you. And sometimes what we come to understand is harder to swallow. It’s always enlightening, though. Like it was necessary, don’t you think? Hindsight and 20/20, microscopes and telescopes, the distance that changes the lens on our senses.

So Thanksgiving here gave me a bit of all that, if ‘all that’ made any sense.

There was turkey, cranberry sauce, lots of pie and potatoes, rolls, casseroles, salads and gravy and wine. I helped make stuffing. About 40 of us all together… maybe 4 or 5 Americans. Surrounded by all of those people, sharing a holiday like this one, oh – you just swell with the feeling of it all. It was so different and so great and I’m so thankful for the whole picture. For this spot, and that spot, for where you are right now and where I am and the looking back & forth that we do. I’m also thankful for the elasticity of distance, the going and the returning.


2 responses to “Thanksgiving, Of Course

  1. Jack Keenan

    Whose that good look’en guy stirring the pot?

    In case you haven’t heard, we had a wonderful Thanksgiving at Mike and Boo’s. Almost everyone was there. The little kids are getting bigger and the rest of us are getting older (I was going to say “fatter”).

    When you are old and grey you’re going look back and see bikes, bikes, bikes and bikes.

    I’m not going to bug you about the W M’s/

    I wait for your travelouges….how the hell do you spell it?

    Grandpa Jack

  2. Trish Guarino

    I am so thankful to be able to share all your adventures vicariously. It would appear that your celebration of thanks, so many miles away, was a happy and memorable one.
    We missed you at the table on Thanksgiving, but know that everyone is counting down the days til you return. Many peanut M & M’s were consumed in your honor. It will be wonderful to see you on Christmas Eve.
    And please before you leave Holland, and for the sanity of us all, find some color shots of windmills for the patriarch!

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