Autumn in Amsterdam

There is really no way to get terribly lost in Amsterdam. I think it’s to do with the concentric street designs and the way they hug the city’s main canal. So if you walk far enough in one direction, you happen back at the place you started – and you’ve stopped in shops and seen the sights all along the way. It’s a nice feeling, to trust that the city will get you back to your starting point without forcing you to pull out a map at every turn. Amsterdam is a good place for wandering.

Especially on Saturday mornings, when the markets, like magnets, draw people to their busy tents. There is fish to buy and cheese to sample and vintage boots to try on. Friends to see and stroopwafels to eat and lots of Delft blue pottery to gush over. I had the most pleasant morning(-into-afternoon-into-evening) at 2 or 3 markets in the city this past Saturday. I spent a lot of time in the Tulip Museum, got lost in colorful secondhand shops, watched tarts being made from a bakery window, and happened upon the Occupy Amsterdam site on my way back to the train (so many tents! good music playing, too). There is a lot of history in this city, and you feel it under your feet.


5 responses to “Autumn in Amsterdam

  1. Jack Keenan

    Where are my windmills/?

    A couple of months ago there was an article about STRANDBEESTS beach animals in Dutch in the Sept 4. issue of the New Yorker. Theo Jansen’s- wind powered sculpture. A marvelous story. I think he started in Delft. Look it up.

    What do you think about your talented mother’s 3rd places for columnists in all of Michigan’s newspapers?

    Grandpa Jack

    • ckann29

      Alright, alright! I’ll shoot some windmills this weekend & email ’em to you.
      I think MRK’s pretty amazing (a good cook, too, huh?).
      Save that New Yorker for me! love you & see you soon

  2. Trish Guarino

    I love it!! You can purchase fruit and veggies along with a Lou Rawls album as you park your wooden shoes outside the door. The bread, the fromage & chocolat and bulbs just bursting—what a delight! Soak it all in.
    As much as we miss you and want you home, I wish you could stay longer and explore more of the nooks and crannies of lovely Holland. I have a feeling you will find your way back some day.

  3. Hayley

    STROOPWAFELS. the thought alone makes me want to go back to amsterdam in a heartbeat. we bought a bunch and brought them back to barcelona with us. savored them as much as we could but they were just too good and we ate them in probably about a week. bring some home to me!!! although when i actually see you i will be so consumed with excitement that i will probably forget all about food. (and you KNOW how much I love food.)

    Love the photos, as always!

    My longer email is still in the works, I promise it’s coming soon.

  4. MOM

    way to go occupy amsterdam!

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