Bird’s Eye View

Yesterday the weather was more than pleasant! There was no rain, the sun felt warm on your back, and people were out to soak it in. A climb to the top of the local department store gave us this view of our old little city: 

It’s a good feeling to know you know (almost) the lay of the land from up above as well as from down there on foot.

Off to catch an early morning Rugby game (on tv, on tv) and then spend the day in Amsterdam (not on tv)!

ps: congrats to those division title champs!


2 responses to “Bird’s Eye View

  1. boo

    Oh Cae what wonderful photos I feel like I am on vacation looking at them. Your little old city is beautiful. It looks like you are exploring every inch of it.
    You are better than the Free Press …. I didn’t stay up to watch the Tigers (they are out west) so I read the news here from you. Yeah Tigers.
    Love you

  2. Trish

    When we go to the 3rd floor at Somerset all we see is parking lot—heavy sigh. I hope your mental camera has lots of “memory” so you can replay all this beauty later. We are going to seem so mundane after your time in Holland.
    Thanks for the great photos—keep them coming. Any good gardens you can share with us? I’d love to see what they have. I bet there are some beauties.

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