The Sky’s on the Water, too!

As I cycled away from my apartment yesterday evening, I crossed a bridge over the canal. I made the quick decision to do a U-turn (with hand signals! don’t worry!) and capture the 8 o’clock sky. 

I think there are moments a camera just won’t capture – moments, even, that whipping out a camera could tarnish or ruin. Those are the times when you must use all your senses and commit yourself to making a permanent mental image of whatever it is you’re experiencing. You walk away with in that moment weaved into the fabric of You.

Other times, though, it’s like the universe knew you were going to arrive on your bike any second and it set the scene, waited, and smiled big when you snapped the photo.


3 responses to “The Sky’s on the Water, too!

  1. Bill Guarino

    Maybe the universe is always waiting, but waiting for someone who takes the time or has the “eye” to really see. Your eyes were certainly open to the universe’s “posing”. Thank-you for sharing the great view! Love, Uncle BIll

  2. Jack Keenan

    Cae… have me getting as close to my “screen”….I don’t know what you call it,,,,as possible. Yup! I saw that sky…maybe not as clear as you did…and I know why you had to “shoot” it. You’re old man will tell you why I said “shoot”. We never said “photograph something”.

    It’s funny how I can make a paragraph out of a sentence…”O.K. grandpa, we know, we know.”


  3. Trish

    Keep that camera handy—we love the photos!!!!

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