Ginger Tom

This is Ginger Beer:

It is so good, doesn’t it sound good? It is so good. But we had to search all of Leiden to find a bottle. I even asked my dad, via Google Voice, if he had heard of it. (His answer was Yes, of course, and that it was very good.) My friend from Norway, Karoline, had dreams about finding this ginger-flavored beer. We asked the bartender at every pub we went to… No, we didn’t want Ginger Ale. They would just smile at us. To be in pursuit of something mysterious was kind of fun!

A curious stop in a side-alley Bierwinkel this past Saturday, and we finally found it! The owner of the winkel said it was rare (this made us feel better) and that he had 2 different labels, both UK-made.

I can’t describe it very well. I know nothing real about beer, just that I like what my cousins like and I trust my dad’s advice. But I do know that this is delicious. So,  anyway. For the next time you’re looking for something different, this is my recommendation! (Grandpa, what do ya say?) 


3 responses to “Ginger Tom

  1. Kathy Kristopik

    I definitely want to find this beer here! How’s that for a rhyme?? I love anything ginger and I am a beer drinker…sounds like a perfect match! Cae, your posts brighten my day—what a delightful story you tell!

  2. Jack Keenan

    I’m gonna try!. You know that I have godchild, Dennis Walsh, who owns a liquor store close by.

    I’ll let you know.


  3. ckeenan

    Vodka with Ginger Beer on ice in a brass mug, slice of lime you have a Moscow Mule.
    I’ll make one for the old boy.


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