Saw the Sea on Sunday

Well, I have been to the North Sea. It is huge, and so is the sky that hangs over it. On Sunday, we cycled to the Sea. It seemed to be a morning that was slow to wake up, one where the colors stay muted and the air has a sleepy coolness to it. It was a funny mood, and we went with it. The ride to Katwijk is just a matter of following the signs. You wind through a wooded park and down neighborhood streets. We passed working greenhouses and stopped in (such) a good antique shop. Then you zoom out into open space: countryside farmland flanked us on one side and small boats rowed in the canal on our left. This was my favorite part. There were horses and sheep… we were riding our bikes past horses and sheep and open land and canals! There were no car windows to peer through or tickets to buy. It wasn’t even a walking tour! Just us on our bikes. I think my jaw was slack. Then this guy came right up to us and said hello:

So we rode on until the signs said we had arrived in Katwijk. We could smell the sea and cycled through town until the sky opened up again and, there ya go, here we were. What a final destination, what a welcome. You walk over the dune grass bluff and feel the Sea there. The weight of it all matched the day, I think. It wasn’t beach weather. But it fit the day. And from the other side of the world, it fit the date, too.

A windy ride took us back to Leiden, brought some sand back in my shoes. 


4 responses to “Saw the Sea on Sunday

  1. Jack Keenan

    Cae…do you know what you do with those glorious cloud formations? That dark rolling mass of clouds….here’s what I do. First I cover the sky area with clear water. Than I play around on my palette with my water color brush with some lamp black water color…trying to get just the right. amount on of color pigment on my brush to lay it on the clear water that I covered the sky area. You just touch the wet area with your brush and watch it slowly spread. Wow! What a thrill to see those thunder clouds rolling over the water!


  2. Bill Guarino

    Cae, you have captured what Aunt Trish has been trying to convince me to do for 30 years; that is to enjoy the traveling and not just the destination! Bike riding gets you the distance without the strain on your joints; and gets you right next to the horses instead of just calling them out as you drive by at 60 mph (“Hey kids, look at the horsies!”). Love, Uncle Bill

  3. Trish

    I LOVE overcast days at the beach!!! All those wonderful clouds are much more interesting than clear blue skies. Plus I think you find more interesting things along the sandy beach when the sun isn’t baking you or blinding your eyes. Keep sending us these wonderful pictures and observations.

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