Boekenwinkel Buiten

That feeling you get when you’re walking down the street, face down at the pavement, thinking hard enough that the rest of the world falls quiet – you know that one? Then you look up and the thing that’s in front of you actually makes your feet stop in place. Know that one, too?

A bookstore just outside Leiden Centraal Station popped up in the wide open air the other day. It was just before 7pm and the sun was warm. I was too in love with the owner to try bargaining or anything. Plus he was archiving the books intently, kept an old pencil behind his ear, and helped me find a certain author. And, really, books and live music – I’ve never regretted a dollar/euro spent.

Walked away thinking it was a little wink. 


3 responses to “Boekenwinkel Buiten

  1. anne

    Wowsa…what great pix. Love all the books and of course the bikes. xo

  2. boo

    those wooden boxes are the best, it looks like a snake, i’d love to see them assemble this. You kind of sound like Rory Gilmore …………..

  3. Cae

    The books are so pretty…they make such a beautiful design…love how you are capturing this!!!

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