Just a few pictures

each person a different country

the far-reaching view from a friend's apartment. catch the basil plant on the open windowsill at right?

Einstein's Cafe

A toast from the Mayor of Leiden! And he's funny, too. I like him already.

A Welcome Dinner and Drinks inside Hooglandse Kerk.


4 responses to “Just a few pictures

  1. Trish

    What is the male to female ratio? Looks like the ladies are in charge.
    Had to blow up the photo to see the mentioned basil plant—good eye, Ms. Green Thumb!
    Is everything as tidy as it looks? Keep the photos coming, they are wonderful.

  2. Jack Keenan

    Trish and I the only two that reply?

    Who cares……..waiting to see the inside of a CATHOLIC church?


    ‘yer grandfather

  3. boo

    no one can top your “reply’s” so we keep our mouths shut.

  4. Paul Rich

    Ya der caelan gurlie. luv da pictures a you an yer gurlie friends. you da pretiest, ya. misss ya.

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