Carnivorous Plants

I mentioned the Hortus Botanicus earlier and I just wanted to share a few pictures from a (way too) quick trip there last week. The Leiden ID card grants students free entry, so once it’s in my hands, I’ll be heading back over. I can see the outdoor gardens from the end of my street.

Anyway, in one of the Botanicus’ conservatories, a walkway is suspended from the ceiling. You climb a spiral staircase up into the air (strawberry plants hang from the railings) and can then walk the length of the room next to these crazy things: Carnivorous Plants. Maybe I’m late to the party, but my jaw was slack the whole time. Carnivorous plants – for real. You’re not allowed to touch them, obviously, but oh! how I wanted to. There was framed article+photo of a bird that had recently flown into one of the flowers pictured here. It got caught, needed rescuing, and then some sort of recovery therapy. Poor guy, but pretty cool, right?


3 responses to “Carnivorous Plants

  1. boo

    mrs. panah’s finger and one of these plants …….. marriage made in heaven

  2. Jack Keenan

    They would all die with me. Boo says, “I never (me) water anything”!

    Great “shots”!


  3. Trish

    Eating bugs is one thing but snagging birds!?!?!!? Those are some serious carnivors. Do not leave your babies unattended.

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