Daredevil Food

The day before yesterday, I ate herring.

Do you know it?

I don’t have a picture of myself as proof, so thank you Google:  http://blog.russanddaughters.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/05/rd-hollandherring_niki.jpg

Raw, with onions, and no forks allowed; it is a Dutch delicacy! There are festivals around the country to celebrate the season’s first catch and thousands of dollars are donated to charity through herring auctions each year. It’s also, though, just a fun snack at the canalside market on a Wednesday or Saturday. I anxiously-excitedly waited in line behind a man with a cane who ordered 3 herring with onions, and downed them on the spot! Then he just went on his way. My hero.

And it really was delicious! You have to smile. Apparently it’s good brain food, too, and we decided our IQ shot up for sure that afternoon.

I’ll be sure to snap a pic with my herring next time.


3 responses to “Daredevil Food

  1. Bill Guarino

    And herring is recommended by the American Heart Assocaition as a food that reduces multiple risk factors for heart disease. To say nothing of visually demonstrating your courage! Love, Uncle Bill

  2. Paul Rich

    Bobby would be proud! He loved it!

  3. cara

    My dad looooves herring. He’ll be so happy to read this 🙂

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